Important Security and Privacy tips for WhatsApp

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WhatsApp helps its users to keep in touch with their contacts. Despite of its countless benefits, Whatsapp has introduced a few security and privacy concerns that the users must be aware of. We have made an effort to let the readers know about a few tips that can save their back!!!

Following tips work on most of the platforms including Android, IOS and Windows.

1. Hide WhatsApp pictures from phone Gallery:

When you send pictures to anyone on WhatsApp, or you receive pictures from someone — it gets saved in a folder on your primary memory (internal or SD card). By default, these pictures are accessible and viewable by anyone who goes into your Gallery / Photos app. How to hide them? Follow these quick and easy steps:


  • Download a file manager app i.e ASTRO, ES File Manager or Cabinet Beta

  • Navigate to WhatsApp\Media\WhatsApp Images directory in your phone.

  • Create a new file “.nomedia” (without quotes) and save it.

  • Your WhatsApp pictures will not show up in your Gallery / Photos app anymore now.


2. Lock WhatsApp:

We are sure no one likes when someone else pokes around in your WhatsApp, reading your private messages. The better way is to completely lock your WhatsApp from anyone trying to access it — other than you. We have two different methods to do this. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t provide a feature/option to lock the app itself, but we can use third-party apps to do this.

If you own an Android phone with a fingerprint scanner, you can lock WhatsApp with FingerSecurity. or you can use any of the countless app locking apps in the Google Play Store i.e. AppLock, LOCX. The screenshot above is from the LOCX app. We locked WhatsApp using that and it now asks for our pattern design to unlock the app. You can unlock any app with LOCX — and as a plus, it has a beautiful design (Material Design).


3. Hide your “Last Seen”

The “Last Seen” time stamp can be an issue for many — mostly with busy people who do not like to reply instantly and wait till they get some free time. This is also useful for those who do not want others to see how often they are online on WhatsApp or when did they last use it. How to disable it? Follow the steps below.


  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

  3. Tap Accounts

  5. Then go to Privacy

  7. Tap “Last seen” and select “Nobody” (as shown above in the screenshot)


4. Hide “Read Receipts” (Blue Ticks) from WhatsApp

This is another way to take control of your privacy in WhatsApp. Whenever you open a message that you have received in WhatsApp, the other person gets notified with two blue ticks, also known as read receipts. Many users do not want others to know when they read a message. Luckily, WhatsApp has a built-in feature to disable this for your account/phone.


  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

  • Tap Accounts

  • Then go to Privacy

  • Uncheck the option “Read receipts” (as shown above in the screenshot)


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