Reality of Ludo Star!

“Ludo Star”, a game developed by Indian game developers is in news these days. Due to the rumors spread across globe, people are confused if they should really avoid this game? Is it really being controlled by some SPY agency in India? Being Information Security experts, let us give you some facts and a clear explanation on this issue.

According to the rumor, the game is specially developed for the purpose of SPYING. It is also claimed that this game requires different permissions like “Camera”, “Microphone” etc etc to illegally get into the pictures and get visuals + voice and contacts of people playing this game. After this rumor, a heavy amount of people playing this game have either deleted this game or stopped playing it.

Let me explain a few things here. Whenever someone develops an application, they have to submit their application to the relevant app store. After submission of the application, concerned authorities review the submitted application and only approve it to be included in the app store once the application passes their criteria and pre-defined standards and protocols to ensure that the application is not harmful for their users. Being reputable companies, they only allow whitelisted application to be hosted in their stores as they could face major set-backs otherwise.

Here are the screenshots taken to show what permission this game requires from your phone. You will be surprised to see that this application doesnot require any additional or un-explained access to any component of your cellphone including “Microphone” and “Camera”.

So it is proved that this is just a propaganda against the developers and nothing else. Enjoy this wonderful game without any fear and stay blessed. If you still have any questions and want some more explanation, feel free to contact us.

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