The iPhone X – Anniversary Edition has problems with its display

iPhone X has only been in the market for a week and has already made the news for all the wrong reasons. Users have complained about a green line that appears on the edge of the screen after several hours of using it.

Previously, Apple was rumoured to have compromised on the accuracy of the iPhone X’s facial recognition system causing a major outcry among users who criticised the high price of the device. Apple later on clarified that this was the case.

Now though, the people who did get their hand on the anniversary edition device have taken to twitter to report the “green line of death” which seems to be leaving quite a lot of them frustrated.

The line appears at the edge of the OLED display and is a very thin line but quite visible at it too. There has been no confirmation regarding this issue from Apple Support but one user did claim to have gotten his phone exchanged with “no issues” at all.

This can only mean one thing; Apple knows that this problem exists but haven’t quite figured out whats causing it.

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